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Carmen Brucic, born 1972, lives and works in Vienna and Tyrol. Since 2001, the artist has been conceiving artistic formats to deal with emotional subjects. Gnadenwald, Sehnsuchtszentrifuge (The centrifuge of longing), Die Liebeskranke Gesellschaft (The lovesick society), Symmetrien des Abschieds (Symmetries of Departure), Über den Mut sich zu öffnen (On the courage to open oneself), Degradation of a kiss … At all times starting out from the image, her preferred medium is photography. The fruitful combination of photography, presentation, performative intervention, and a process-like, often participatory, unfolding of events has come to characterise her work.

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Video / WDR-Reportage Junge Kunst auf der 49. Art Cologne mit Carmen BrucicReview / Tiroler Tageszeitung, 14.12.2020Review /, 03.01.2021