exhibited: 03.06.-09.09.2023, JÜRGEN KLAUKE. Schattenfresser, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Vienna, AT

The ink drawings from the series Kreuz&Queer III M (2021-2023) feature intertwined combinations of lines and planes in stark black and white contrasts. It is an interplay of negative and positive, interior and exterior, planes and lines, emptiness and fullness. On closer inspection, bodies and body parts of different genders can be identified. Tubes, strings and threads link figurative nudes and abstract spaces. The predominantly stylized faces occasionally reveal the artist’s features, so Klauke is also reflected as author and actor in this piece. The works on paper, rich in fantasy but also in allusion, show the human body as an object of transformation. The complex scenes seem to be erotically charged without sexual acts being visible. Instead, they show metamorphoses of the sexual. (Andreas Beitin, 2023)