Geographically speaking, the term “Portage” refers to the act of carrying boats or cargo over land to overcome obstacles in waterways, such as waterfalls or challenging terrain.
As often is the case, Brandl finds in the landscape and the exploration of phenomena associated with the interaction of nature and humans a starting point for his paintings and/or titles.
The exhibition Portage brings together new works from the last two years of Herbert Brandl’s artistic endeavors. His recent paintings are characterized by high contrast in black and white or accentuated with neon colors like yellow, pink and turquoise. All executed in acrylic on canvas, they showcase results from experiments with techniques such as airbrush and monotype on canvas.
Saturday, Feb 17, 15:00
Concert by Kaspar Singer as part of Osterfestival Tirol ↱ more info

HERBERT BRANDL, Im Gespräch mit Herbert Brandl, Edith Schlocker, 16.12.2023