24.09.–26.11.2022, Mai-Thu Perret. Portrait of a woman, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck, AT

Since 2003, Perret has been working with ceramics for numerous series of works, a material that is characterised by its immediate modelling qualities and use for many everyday objects. With a group of new ceramic works, the artist shows different variations of vessels, vases and bowls. She uses a construction technique without a potter’s wheel, which becomes particularly comprehensible through the circular layering of clay in “If this were the offspring of a phoenix, it would not be hanging around in those places“ (2022). Clearly visible fingerprints also reveal the process of production and design. Presented together as sculptural objects in space, they give the impression of a landscape due to the colours of the glazes and the occasional decorative elements of birds. In addition, a series of watercolours shows other types of vessels: The glasses and mugs belong to a tea ceremony and recall one of Perret’s most famous works, the walk-in teapot “Little Planetary Harmony” (2006).

(Madeleine Freund, excerpt from the text for the exhibition, Portrait of a woman, Innsbruck 2022)