Nils Dunkel’s series “Vanity Art Fair” is a continuation of the series “55 chapters” from his final presentation at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (class Rita McBride, January 2024), which in turn is a continuation of the series “floating zoo” for [tart vienna], project space Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna.

Each new series is executed in the double DIN-A format of the previous one.

The black and white motifs on which the works are based were taken by Nils Dunkel at different locations. The motifs are rolled over/tattooed with black ink applied to historical textured rollers. A colour filter film (from the film and theatre sector) “floats” between the FineArt print and the glass. It has a waterfall-like surface and bathes the original mood in a new light, colouring the respective motif.

The “Vanity Art Fair” motifs play with the theme of iconisation. Once again, a reference is made to Philipp Otto Runge’s silhouettes.