In 2020, Harkeerat Mangat Harkeerat received the German Förderpreis Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung at the suggestion of the Insel Hombroich Foundation. Subsequently the artist developed a theatre play, that is later presented as a installation, at Haus für Musiker, Raketenstation Hombroich 12, 41472 Neuss. “There is nothing special about Fürstenplatz. There is nothing here that makes it different from any other place in Germany. There are some people who have it easy, and there are those who struggle. Here there is laughter, innocence, control and kindness. Community festivals like this one help people in the neighbourhood get to know each other a little better. You may just meet someone here, that’ll you’ll then end up seeing around a lot. I know they’re going to screen a film that was made last year, about this place. There isn’t really a story, but it’s just 30 minutes long. Everyone seems to know a thing or two about it.”