Art In America, June/July’09 by Wade Saunders and Anne Rochette: …The sculpture (untitled, 2007-08) takes the form of a 7-foot-long inclined bed propped up on a peg leg. The head and foot furl out in two bolsterlike open cylinders; each bears a small, elongated shape suggesting an armrest, further complicating our reading of the piece. The would-be mattress is covered with a grid of eroded, soft-seeming cones, like a giant Dr. Scroll’s sandal. One can imagine it a perverse psychoanalyst’s couch or a bed of nails, albeit comically rendered. Here, as throughout his oeuvre, Gironcoli mixes the organic with the mechanical, summoning a presence both compelling and awkwardly decorative…. ausgestellt/exhibited: 2008 “Werke ab 1963 und neue Skulptur””, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck 2008 Galerie Bernard Jordan, Z├╝rich 2009 Galerie Bernard Jordan, Paris 2015 “”Schlaflos/Sleepless – Beds in history and contemporary art””, 21er Haus, Wien 2018 Festival Le Printemps de Septembre, Le Couvent des Jacobins, Toulouse “