16.03.–27.04.2024 ANTONIO ORTEGA, L’Angélus, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Vienna, AT

“When I began to paint this series of canvases featuring a pair of stones, I did so because I did not know what to paint, or what there might be to paint: so wretched a start could lead to nothing meaningful. As time went on, however, I observed that these betrayed nothing of the self destructive motivation that laid behind them. Those stones make no statement, they don’t evoke feelings but associations. It is really neither visible nor invisible, its inconspicuousness gives them the capacity to make, in an illusionistic way, ‘nothing’ visible.

To me, these paintings are the equivalent for indifference, noncommitment, absence of opinion and absence of shape. For remaining indecisive, silent and desperate. That is, for states of being and situations that affect us and for which we would like to find a visual expression.” (Antonio Ortega, 2024)