01.06.-29.07.2023 Pride and Prejudice. Art & Craft РA Love Story, Universtitätsgalerie der Angwandten, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, AT Sculptor Peter Sandbichler (*1964 in Kufstein, lives and works in Vienna) creates concep-tual sculptures, expansive spatial objects, installations, and architectural interventions, which he usually designs on the computer and then executes in perfect craftsmanship. The themes of the module, the structure, the grid, and the fold Рimplemented in various materials and dimensions Рrun through his oeuvre. In his work series Zeit-Faltungen, Sandbichler transforms the two dimensional page of a newspaper. The selection is based on his interest in a particular content item or image. He sends the page to an origami artist. When the sheet comes back to him transformed, it is always a moment of surprise even for Sandbichler. In origami, one and the same surface is turned in space and, when repeated, this process results in a three dimensional fold object. The page becomes illegible through the folding and the created grid causes a regular interplay of light and shadow.