exhibited: 2017 Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Innsbruck, AT 2017 Thomas Feuerstein, PROMETHEUS DELIVERED, Haus am Lützowplatz, GER 2018 Thomas Feuerstein, PROMETHEUS DELIVERED, ERES Stiftung Munich, GER 2018 Thomas Feuerstein, CLUBCANNIBAL, Kunstraum Dornbirn, AT 2018/2019 6th Guangzhou Triennial, CHN 27.02.–15.05.2022 HACKING IDENTITY. DANCING DIVERSITY, Möllerei, Esch-Belval, LUX DEEP AND HOT (2017) is an alien-like sculpture from another world. Its body is made up of a pressure reactor and spheres reminiscent of atoms and molecules. Standing on rollers, the sculpture oscillates between object and subject, exhibit and unfamiliar visitor. Thomas Feuerstein’s sculptural object DEEP AND HOT deals with chemo-physical processes that are central to his artistic research. The work and its title refer to the hot biosphere in the Earth’s crust where the greatest density and diversity of chemolithoautotrophic bacteria are to be found – tiny organisms that feed on inorganic compounds. The macrological earthly dimension and the micro-logical biodimension are perspectivally linked through the formal combination of a chemical pressure reactor and molecular structures. The reactor, which has been transferred from its former industrial setting into the realm of art, takes on a metaphorical quality for future prospects situated between science and science fiction: machinism and biologism- two theoretical fields that used to be regarded as oppositional – are the productive forces in this development. The notion of a larger context is also illustrated by the spheres’ polished surfaces, in which viewers and the surrounding space are reflected. Despite its alien appearance, this sprouting artificial figure symbolizes human subjectivity. This is not an autonomous entity; only on an illusionary level can it be experienced as an identity with a secure ego. It could not survive – either biologically or socially – without exchange, foreign colonization, mirror relations, growth, and environmental sensitivity. (Cat. exhibit. HACKING IDENTITY. DANCING DIVERISTY, Möllerei Esch-Belval 2022, p. 119)