Considerable energy has been expanded by Peter Sandbichler in his studio in the past few years on the creation of the templates for the numerous works that he ironically entitles Alte Schachteln. These are structural elements that can be used as seats or simply as surfaces which support the human body as it strikes a range of poses. As suggested by their name, these Alte Schachteln are created from old cardboard boxes which the artist deforms with his entire body weight during a performative act in his studio to such an extent that their original form and functionality become lost. Alongside the process of deformation, central roles are explicitly played in this work by such subjects as materiality and practical value and the meaning of surface and form. The result of this is that the question of the connection between image and content can be constantly asked anew. (Sabine Gamper, April 2018, from: Peter Sandbichler, Recent Works)


23.05.-27.09.2015, Peter Sandbichler. Skulpturen, Gironcoli Museum beim Gartenschloss Herberstein, A


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