We are pleased to announce a solo presentation by Iman Issa at the premiere of STAGE, curated by Fiammetta Griccioli. Section: Influx and efflux
“Influx and efflux” focuses on seven monographic presentations, revealing a group of artists that belong to different generations and geographical areas, whose practices are rooted in mutability, transformation and metamorphosis. The selected artists share a common approach by challenging the threshold between bidimensional and three dimensional realms and expanding what is commonly defined as painting, sculpture and installation. In different ways, their interdisciplinary practices scrutinize concepts such as technology and nature prompting a reflection on the most pressing issues at stake in today’s society.

Exhibited on the stage of the Festpielhaus in an open architectural display, each project is realized in conversation with the artist and offers a synopsis of their unconventional poetics. A silent dialogue emerges between more historical positions along with established artists together with a younger generation generating exchanges and connections amongst the works.