We are pleased to announce our particitipation at this year’s SPARK with a booth concept and new works by MARIA BRUNNER.

In the section SPARK EXPANDED, curated by Christoph Doswald, works by MICHAEL KIENZER will be on display.

In the series 
LOVELACE (2022), whose title is inspired by Ada Lovelace, MARIA BRUNNER deals with the earliest form of computer science, the binary punch card system. In an industrial context, this was first used for the production of woven fabrics, when in 1805 Joseph-Marie Jacquard used it to initiate the simplified production of patterned silk fabrics.
Jacquard fabrics form the basis for Brunner’s oversized works, which are overlapped with a digitally processed pattern, exposing areas of the fabric (layer 0) or forming a new representation with the patterned fabric underneath (layer 1).

MICHAEL KIENZER’S Falter (engl. Flyer) are sculptures built of up to four sheet metal panels bundled together to form one work. They are held in balance by magnets on their rods and dance through the room as monochrome coloured surfaces. Grouped together in a fluttering manner, they convey playful cheerfulness in their battered insouciance. Yet their enchanting fragility is ambiguous, ambivalent and not without danger in view of their sharp edges. It is a theatrical performance of plastic painting that unfolds sculptural dimensions loosely scattered in space and dissolves an inherently precarious situation in multi-coloured lightness. They juxtapose the harsh concrete poetry of the “horizontal shaft” with a lyrical one. (Margareta Sandhofer, artmagazine.cc)