AIL – Angewandte Interdisciplinary
Holobiont. Life is Other
06 Oct 2022 – 20 Jan 2023
Curated by Judith Reichart, Lucie Strecker, Thomas Feuerstein, Jens Hauser

Ehemalige Postsparkasse
Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, AT

GREEN HYDRA (2021) by THOMAS FEUERSTEIN is on view at AIL Vienna. The work is a mouth-blown glass sculpture in the form of a many-headed hydra, inside of which freshwater polyps – called Hydra viridissima – are cultivated. The hydras live in a chamber of the sculpture filled with water and enter into symbiosis with chlorella algae. Through their transparent bodies, the chlorophyll of the microalgae glows and colors them green. Both creatures mutually complement their animal and plant metabolism and use light and plankton as a source of energy and food. – Symbiotic communities have gained metaphorical prominence in recent years in the debate over new models of society. Come see the exhibition and find more about the concept of holobiont.