We are pleased to invite you to the 54th edition of ART COLOGNE (17. – 21. Nov 2021).

We will show
Herbert Brandl a large-scale figurative painting that was shown in his show Exposed to Painting at the Belvedere in Vienna in 2020 – the year of Herbert Brandl’s three solo exhibitions in Austrian museums.
Maria Brunner‘s large-scale, one-of-a-kind photographic work BLUBB from 2021, from the new series of works SCHNIPSELSTRAUM, in which the artist blows up analog photographs of chrysanthemums into an oversize format and, with 
Thomas Feuerstein two process sculptures, as well as a harvest painting, referring to the artist’s current presentation at the Frankfurter Kunstverein.
Julia Haugeneder, our latest gallery addition, a large-scale folding. The artist obtains the material for her sculptures from a mixture of bookbinding glue and pigment, which are poured out as a thin skin on the studio floor to be folded afterwards.
Michael Kienzer a new sculpture for the outdoor space, titled Vierung Vol. 3. Kienzer plays in his sculptures with different materials as well as with the colors and shapes that go with them.
Hermann Nitsch selected works in the format 2×3 meters, which were created this summer during at the Bayreuth Festival on stage.
Mai-Thu Perret ceramic works in picture format from the first exhibition of the artist in our gallery, whose motifs refer to different cultural contexts, while the titles are taken from a Zen book and release new meanings with the forms of the sculptures: One word cuts the flow, myriad impulses cease.

As well as other works by Albrecht Fuchs, Jürgen Klauke, Florin Kompatscher, Walter Pichler, Arnulf Rainer, Franz West and Johannes Wohnseifer.