The artist transforms digitally sourced material through the use of a wide variety of classic printing techniques, such as etching, linocut and screen printing, into a densely woven abstract structure that consciously eludes a quick classification and comprehensibility of spatial, material or media connections. In a slow process of image discovery, she resists the increasingly accelerated process of producing, representing and receiving digital images. This draws attention to the complex relationship between surface and space, light and color, design and materiality. Kreinecker is not only interested in raising awareness of the gaps and empty spaces and apparent trivialities of organizational structures within the picture, but also those between the objects in exchange with the viewer. With the subtle installations of her works, she makes it possible to experience constantly changing scope for action that runs counter to the existing reference systems.

Fiona Liewehr, in: Parnass Special, Up&Coming, 2021 edition, p. 18.