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Lukas Thaler, born 1989 in Hall in Tyrol, lives and works in Vienna, AT. In 2015 Thaler graduated from the painting class at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 2012 he founded the Vienna based artist-run-space MAUVE, with Titania Seidl. Since 2021 he is a lecturer at University of Technology, Department of Art and Design, Vienna, AT.

Lukas Thaler’s artistic practice consists of a broad spectrum of two- and three dimensional objects. The central motif of his work is the inscription of meaning onto form. Its identification, naming and legibility are the subject of his painterly and sculptural oeuvre. Thaler’s groups of works and ongoing series emerge in an iterative process shaped by his experimental use of materials and various media. Variation, sequence and repetition are important aspects of his method. He correlates the individual objects to closely examine their interdependence. Manual gestures overlap with traces of digital technologies, the abstract mingles with the concrete and reality blends with fiction. Thaler’s pieces can be identified as protagonists or characters, they take on varying roles. The motif of animating or activating allegedly dead matter is central in his work.

In 2024, Lukas Thaler will have a solo exhibition at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna.

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